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Here at The Walking Dead Enthusiasts, a podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead, we pride ourselves on providing all of our listeners the most in-depth news on The Walking Dead television and comic book series. Unfortunately, there is so much news that we don’t always have a chance to provide you with everything there is to know! This is why we’ve teamed up with other fan sites for The Walking Dead to bring you all the most up-to-date news regarding your favorite show. Check out the list of links below for additional Walking Dead related news.


The Walking Dead Forums: The Walking Dead forum and fan site for AMC’s television show The Walking Dead. You can discuss the show on the message board and chat with other members. The Walking Dead Forums is the largest forum on the Internet for discussing the show, getting news, and just keeping up with the latest chatter.

The Walking Dead ‘Cast: Even as a host of my own Walking Dead podcast, I can swallow my pride and admit that The Walking Dead ‘Cast is one of the most entertaining podcasts relating to The Walking Dead. Definitely suggest you check out Jason and Karen!

The Walking Dead Survival Cooking Blog: My two favorite things have officially joined forces in life: The Walking Dead and Food! This is a cooking blog for anyone who wants to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and still pretend to be a gourmet.

Walking Dead Locations: Fan site detailing the filming locations, and information, of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.

The Walking Dead Brasil: A fan site for The Walking Dead in Spanish! Tons of great information and news pertaining to the show. Use Google Chrome to translate the page!

The Walking Dead: This site is owned and operated by Skybound, so all the news it totally legitimate. They also offer a ton of fan interactions, and have created quite the community. I would definitely suggest checking it out for all TWD-related news.