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504 & 505 – Skidmark & The End of Everything – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast


Our level of effort for this podcast is representative of the level of effort put into the writing and creation of this show. This week you get a two for one, recapping “Skidmark” and “The End of Everything” in a single podcast. Why a double episode, you ask? Because neither episode motivated us enough to record a single episode for either. “Skidmark” is supposed to be this season’s ode to Daniel Salazar, but it’s chock full of unfounded and unearned character motives inconsistent with the past 4 seasons. “The End of Everything” is an hour of ho-hum storytelling, which basically leaves us in the same place we started the episode. The struggle bus is real, folks.

This season we’re doing something a little different – we’ve be participating in a weekly panel style discussion with other Fear The Walking Dead experts on the Good Talk app. You can know when we’re living by texting ‘FTWD’ to 22415.

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We’ll be back next week to discuss the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead!

Sebastian C.