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The Walking Dead Spoilers: Alpha’s Pike Victims Revealed

Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead’s latest episode!

Many fans are going to lose their heads after viewing tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead (see what I did there?). If you haven’t seen Episode 15 entitled “The Calm Before,” we suggest you turn back now. But if you’re interested in finding out who Alpha’s latest victims were, read on. In tonight’s episode, Alpha infiltrates the fair and ends up executing a rather devious plan to ensure the communities no longer cross into her lands. She kidnaps and kills 10 members from Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom and mounts their heads on pikes to mark the boundary between her land and that of the other communities.

Scroll down to find out who the victims were:

1. Ozzy: the leader of The Highwaymen

2. Alek: Ozzy’s second in command

3. DJ: former Savior turned Alexandrian

4. Frankie: One of Negan’s former wives

5. Tammy Rose: Earl’s wife and adoptive mother of The Whisperer baby

6. Rodney: one of Henry’s “friends” from The Kingdom

Still reeling from tonight’s episode? We’ll get you through it. Check out the latest episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast and we’ll be back this week to discuss Episode 15 “The Calm Before.”

7. Addy: another of Henry’s “friends” from The Kingdom

8. Enid: doctor from The Hilltop, former love interest of Carl. Current love interest of Alden. #JSS #justsurvivesomehow #toosoon

9. Tara: one of the few remaining OGs on the show. Leftover from The Governor, current (former) leader of The Hilltop

10. Henry: Carol and Ezekiel’s son, short-lived love interest of Lydia, and former Morgan child prodigy

Check out the full scene below:

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Sebastian C.