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TWD Spoilers: These Two Characters are Likely to be Pike Victims


If you’re a fan of the comics, you know it’s coming. If you’re just a fan of the show, we’re sure you’ve heard about it. Yes, the infamous pike scene from The Walking Dead graphic novels. Rumor has it this scene will play out in Episode 15 of The Walking Dead entitled “The Calm Before.” There are some rumors floating around about who the victims might be, and based on some outside information, there are at least two rumored deaths that are likely to happen.



After the death of Carl, we knew this world wasn’t long for poor, ole Enid. However, the show breathed new life into the character post-Carl, turning Enid into The Hilltop’s resident doctor, and love interest to Alden. However, the actress behind Enid recently announced a move to Los Angeles. Appearing on Los Angeles’ KTLA 5, Katelyn Nacon opened up about her “very exciting” relocation from Georgia, where The Walking Dead is filmed. This obviously sent rumors circling about the fate of her character since it’s not often an actor will move completely across the country from the set of their show. This news has all but sealed Enid’s fate as one of The Whisperer’s pike victims.

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Tammy Rose


This one comes as little less of a surprise since Tammy Rose originally meets her demise in the same exact scene in the comics. But actress Brett Butler, who plays Tammy Rose in the series, helped fans out a bit by releasing some seemingly innocent spoilers on social media that all but confirmed her demise. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Butler posted a photo from her “next to last appearance” with co-star John Finn, who plays blacksmith husband Earl, suggesting she is among the next victims claimed by the Whisperers.

“Our good friend took a screen shot of our next to last appearance on The Walking Dead. It was awesome working with John Finn and the best crew,” reads the post caption. “Hardest working, friendliest lot which matters on long hot days. Thanks to Kang for casting me.”

Overall, these are two relatively minor characters and as we know in the comics, some big players are killed off during the pike scene. While these deaths are shocking, we’re sure there are even more surprises in store. Who do you think will meet their demise at the hands of Alpha and The Whisperers? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.