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The Whisperers Backstory to Be Revealed in Episode 910 of The Walking Dead: “Omega”


Notorious The Walking Dead comic book villains The Whisperers were officially introduced only a few episodes ago, and according to sources at TV Geek Talk, we’ll be getting more of Alpha and Lydia’s backstory in Episode 9, “Omega.”

“The Walking Dead returned for the back half of season 9 this week, giving fans a better look at what the horrific new villains, The Whisperers, are all about. Not only have we’ve gotten the first glimpse of the Whisperers themselves, we also got a first look at the group’s leader, “Alpha,” who will be played by actress Samantha Morton. Well, come Sunday, expect to see a lot more in the first Alpha-centric episode of the series.

…the majority of the episode focuses on a series of flashbacks that serve as an initial backstory of the Whisperers’ savage leader, Alpha, and her now-teenage daughter, Lydia (Cassady McClincy). The first flashbacks take place 23 days into the zombie apocalypse, with Alpha, Lydia, and Lydia’s father, Frank (Steve Kazee), holed up in a basement along with a couple dozen other survivors. We can assume they are people Alpha and Frank knew prior to the apocalypse since they are referred to as “friends.” As a viewer, you know that the woman in the flashbacks is Alpha, and with how caring and loving she appears to be, it makes you wonder what happened to morph her into such a ruthless monster.”

But don’t fret, the episode will also feature our current timeline with Daryl, Tara and the rest of the Hilltop gang as they continue to try to get information about the tight-lipped Lydia.

“Daryl finally tells Lydia the only thing she has said thus far that doesn’t sound like complete bullshit is the part about how her father used to sing to her when she was scared. It is there that we finally learn the truth. The flashbacks we have seen up to that point were based upon what Alpha had told her, with her counting on Lydia being too young to remember what actually happened. But, Lydia *does* remember, and we get the same flashbacks but this time based upon Lydia’s actual memories. I can’t reveal much more, but let’s just say these flashbacks are strikingly different.”

Check out the images below from Episode 10, “Omega.”

Sebastian C.