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415 – I Lose People – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast


Much like the rest of this half season, the penultimate episode of S4 of Fear The Walking Dead fell a little flat. Flatter than Jim should be after throwing himself off a 12-story building. Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss promised us new Morgan story lines this season, but dare we say, it appears Morgan is circling back to “I lose people, I lose myself.” Not like it was impossible to see coming, seeing as these words are literally the episode titles. Is it impossible to create a new story line for this character? At this point, it’d be better if they just killed Morgan off completely. How can we watch the same story line for 5 years straight? Welp, that’s what the show runners want us to do, and that’s what we’ll continue to do. Join us next week for what we’re sure will be an exciting, never-been-done-before episode of Fear The Walking Dead. /s

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See you next week for Episode 16 entitled “I Lose Myself.”

Sebastian C.