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Is The Walking Dead Setting Up Aaron to be the New Rick Grimes?

aaron-season-9-the-walking-deadThe Walking Dead has a real big problem in Season 9. A few months ago it was reported Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) would leave the series after showing up in only a few episodes in the first half of the season. This will obviously leave a glaring hole in the roster, especially with the death of Carl Grimes last season. Fans have been questioning where the show goes from here — who will lead The Walking Dead now and in the future?

A couple of spoilers from the set have been making waves in the fandom, leading a few fans to believe Ross Marquand’s character, Aaron, might assume the leadership position. Now, before you completely rule this out, consider what we already know.

The Walking Dead is not afraid to remix major character moments. We’ve seen it throughout the series, and with the departure of Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead will be forced to make some hard decisions moving forward. Aaron has been a staple on the show since Season 5, and with the death of his boyfriend Eric in Season 8, he’s due for a fresh start in the newest season.

Additionally, it’s being reported that Aaron will lose his arm at some point early on in Season 9. Sound familiar? Rick lost his hand early in the comics during his first few interactions with The Governor. As we know, TV Rick didn’t lose his hand in the show, but this may be the show’s remix of this comic story line, just way later than it was expected.


Lastly, Ross Marquand has been growing a pretty epic beard over the last few months. Frankly, he looks more like comic book Rick than Andrew Lincoln. Is it possible the beard growth is an attempt to more greatly resemble Rick from the comics?

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