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412 – Weak – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast


After Jenna Elfman’s strong showing as Laura/Naomi/June in the first half of Season 4, we were pretty stoked for a June-focused episode this week. Unfortunately, the episode title (Weak) seems to be a slight indication of what to expect from the writing. The episode centers around June and Al as they’re stranded post-hurricane and forced to abandon ship in search of other survivors. Things go awry when Al’s truck is stolen… the same truck that was just out of gas… and the same truck that Al apparently left the keys in even though she claims it contains her “life’s work.” In between the chase scenes we get a few characters monologuing into walkie-talkies, not enough new information about the “filthy woman,” and a whole lot of sit and wait. Le sigh — maybe next week things will pick up.

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See you next week for Episode 13 entitled “Blackjack.”

Sebastian C.