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Who Dies in The Walking Dead Season 9? New Spoilers Emerge

Beware: major spoilers for Season 9 of The Walking Dead ahead. You have been warned.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead shocked fans with the death of Season 1 OG cast member, Carl Grimes. And based on some of the recent news coming out of the set in Georgia, it sounds like Season 9 won’t be any different. It was already announced a couple months ago that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan would part ways with the series, although the actual details of these departures remain unclear. Rumor has it Andrew Lincoln’s departure will be left open-ended, while Lauren will be phased out, leaving the possibility for the character to be explored further in the future. According to a recent interview with the Associated Press, in regards to her TWD exit Cohan stated, “There’s a chance for me to still explore the Maggie character and it’s gonna be fun to see if that can be done.”

In addition to Rick and Maggie, it appears another character will meet his demise in Season 9. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Jesus (played by Tom Payne) will be killed off in Episode 8 or 9. Details around the death are foggy, but it should involve the to-be-introduced villains “The Whisperers.”

Assuming Season 9 follows closely to the source material, The Whisperers kill a number of well-known characters in the comic books upon their introduction. The leader of The Whisperers, Alpha, kills 12 different members of Rick’s group and places their heads on pikes to mark a territory boundary. The list includes Olivia (currently dead in the show), Rosita, and King Ezekiel.


Will the writers introduce another comic book remix and kill off Jesus in the same manner? It’s looking like a real possibility. Let us know your thoughts about this Season 9 death rumor in the comments section below.

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Sebastian C.