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410 – Close Your Eyes – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast


This week we were treated to what was being dubbed the “This Land is Your Land” Alicia-focused episode of Season 4. Does “Close Your Eyes” live up to the hype? We’d say so. If you completely ignore some of the nit picky production issues, this boils down to a pretty stellar standalone episode. As if we were able to manifest our desires from last week’s podcast into existence, we finally got some of the Alicia dialogue we’ve been waiting for. The word of the day is “acknowledgement,” as we deep dive into Alicia’s psyche since the death of her mother and brother. And we’ve got to say, these deep moments were portrayed damn near flawlessly by Alycia Debnam Carey. If you had any doubts she could lead the series, this episode proves she certainly can. Too bad this is Morgan’s show now.

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See you next week for Episode 11 entitled “The Code.”

Sebastian C.