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Will Morgan Return to The Walking Dead?

the-walking-dead-morgan-rickFear The Walking Dead returned Sunday night to mixed reviews. The fan base seems to be split over the departure of Kim Dickens (Madison Clark). With this departure, Lennie James (Morgan Jones) takes top billing.

After joining Fear just eight episodes ago, the mid season premiere introduced a new story line where Morgan is trying to recruit Fear alumni to return to Alexandria with him. The primary reason for this decision has not yet been made explicitly clear to viewers, but show runner Ian Goldberg explained on The Talking Dead that we will learn more about Morgan’s yearning for home as the season progresses.

But should we believe that Morgan will actually return to Alexandria? From a viewer standpoint, it seems a little unrealistic to assume Lennie James will be sent back to The Walking Dead after spending so little time on the companion series. However, after this most recent story line, many fans are now speculating the two shows will blend entirely in the future. With dropping rates and the death of the original lead character, fans seem to think now would be the time to do so.

But regardless of diminishing ratings, Fear The Walking Dead remains one of AMC’s big money makers, right behind the mothership show. Additionally, it was recently reported that Fear The Walking Dead would return for a fifth season. It’s possible the remainder of Season 4 will focus on this ‘return to Alexandria’ narrative, with Season 5 being dedicated to the actual journey, after which the two shows would combine into the original.

At this point in time, based on all the evidence, the more likely scenario is that both shows will remain separate and Morgan will stay on Fear The Walking Dead. Only time will tell.

Do you want to see Morgan return to The Walking Dead? Would you want to see the two shows combined into one? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Sebastian C.