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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4B Teaser Proves CGI Can Get Much, Much Worse


The second half of Fear The Walking Dead premiere this Sunday and AMC has released a brand new teaser trailer with the opening minutes of Episode 9, “People Like Us.”

While we should be captivated by this special sneak peak, we’re instead paying particular attention to the CGI. Seriously, what the hell is going on with this CGI? The trees aren’t moving at all, the single walker getting dragged looks ludicrous, and I’m not even convinced the leaves blowing around are real. I have no words. Check out the teaser for yourself.

After The Walking Dead’s Season 7 “Rick and the carnival deer” fiasco (you remember the one – see image above), you’d think AMC would kick it up a notch in the CGI department. Instead, this teaser looks straight out of Sharknado, not The Walking Dead. Fans have quickly taken to social media to criticize the effects. One comment reads: “The walkers flying in the air is some of the worst digital effects and cgi I’ve ever seen in my life. Wow.” Another says, “Wow. I thought this was a fake teaser or something. Really bad.”

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Sebastian C.