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Season 9 Spoilers: Another Wedding Coming to The Walking Dead

daryl-carol-wedding-season-9-the-walking-deadWarning: spoilers for Season 9 of The Walking Dead ahead!

Love is in the air and wedding bells will be ringing during Season 9 of The Walking Dead. After the All Out War saga, who couldn’t use a little love in their lives?

A long speculated romance will officially take the next step into marriage. It’s being reported that Carol and Ezekiel will tie the knot at some point during Season 9. This might come as a surprise to some fans, as the last time we saw these two, they weren’t exactly “a thing.” Well, it was reported awhile back that The Walking Dead will see not just one, but two flash forwards during Season 9 – a shorter 12-18 month jump and then an additional 5-6 year jump. That leaves plenty of time for a crush to turn into a full blown zombie apocalypse love fest.

Mazel to the happy couple.

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Sebastian C.