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The Walking Dead Season 9 Set Photos Tease Time Jump, New Looks, and The Return of Lauren Cohan

Fear The Walking Dead won’t be the only show to get a time jump in its latest season. The Walking Dead’s Season 9 return looks to be headed to the future. As you might remember from the comics, after the end of All Out War, the comic series flash forwards an undetermined about of years (likely 2-3 years) and restarts at “A New Beginning.” What comes with it is new characters, new looks, and new challenges.

Based on recently released set photos from filming of Season 9 of The Walking Dead, it appears the show will follow the same model set forth by the comics. Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is donning a new shorter hairstyle, reminiscent of his look in the comic books. Fortunately for him, Lincoln’s hand and leg seem fully intact, a fate his comic counterpart suffers at the hands of The Governor and Negan.


The set photos also answer a few lingering questions we’ve had, like whether or not Lauren Cohan would return to play Maggie Greene in Season 9. As you might recall, drama ensued when Lauren Cohan requested a substantial pay increase, and even accepted a lead role in a new series pilot called Whiskey Cavalier. According to a report on Deadline:

“We hear Cohan has closed a deal to appear in six episodes from TWD‘s eight-episode fall half-season. Cohan plays the female lead opposite Scott Foley in Whiskey Cavalier, ABC’s hourlong action-dramedy pilot from Bill Lawrence, Dave Hemingson and Warner Bros TV. If the pilot goes to series, we hear she has been cleared to film TWD during her hiatus from the ABC show, though she would still need to negotiate a deal for that. If Whiskey Cavalier does not go to series, AMC can negotiate a full-time return for Cohan.”


We’ll also see the return of a variety of fan favorite characters. Based on a report from The Spoiling Dead Fans, Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, Jesus, Carol, Ezekiel, Aaron, Tara, Enid, Siddiq, Father Gabriel, Cyndie, Jadis, Alden, and two mystery male characters have been spotted filming thus far.



What are you hoping to see from Season 9 of The Walking Dead? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below! While you wait for the return of Season 9, be sure to check out our coverage of Season 4 of FEAR by listening to our Fear The Walking Dead Podcast.

Sebastian C.