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813 – Do Not Send Us Astray – The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead definitely led us astray this week with one of the most illogical episodes of this season. While we commend some of the action scenes and Maggie’s military strategy, pretty much everything else in this episode was complete garbage. It’s another round of characters doing completely illogical things in order to move the plot forward; from Henry’s opening on the Savior prison, to Simon’s terrible assault tactics. Couple that with a complete disregard for established cannon in The Walking Dead and you have one hot ass mess of an episode.

On this episode of the podcast we discuss, Morgan’s vision of Gavin and what they could wait (just kidding, we don’t because no one actually cares), Maggie’s willingness to risk her people to get a piece of Negan, and Daryl and Tara’s ongoing Dwight saga (which is another thing no one cares about at this point). We read feedback and chat about a whole bunch more!

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See you next week for Episode 14 entitled “Still Gotta Mean Something”!

Sebastian C.