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811 – Dead or Alive Or – The Walking Dead


Oy — this week was rough for The Walking Dead. Fortunately, the prodigal son Ryan has returned and we are able to fill most of this show with an update on his life and his harrowing medical journey over the last year. It might even be more interesting than this episode of The Walking Dead. If you’re not interested in hearing about where Ryan’s been and his journey, you can jump to minute 52:00, which is where we start talking about this episode of TWD.

On this episode we discuss, Tara’s selective memory, the pointlessness of the Gabriel/Dr. Carson saga, jacked up timelines that make no sense, and a whole lot more. We didn’t read any feedback this week due to the extra long nature of the episode, but feel free to send in your feedback to and we will get you on the show next week!

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See you next week for Episode 12 entitled “The Key”!

Sebastian C.