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810 – The Lost and The Plunderers – The Walking Dead


After a rather lackluster mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead returns this week with an episode that is arguably one of the better of the entire season. Maybe it’s because the annoying garbage people were wiped out in one fell swoop, or maybe it’s because the writing and performances (other than Enid and Aaron) felt a bit more like the traditional The Walking Dead we hoped still existed. Nearly all of the story lines covered in this episode felt genuine and intelligent, without all the over-the-top bobble swag of  Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan portrayal.

What the hell is Aaron up to? What happens when Negan finds out about Simon’s revolt? And when is the next time we’ll see Jadis? We discuss all this, rate the episode, and read listener feedback on this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast by FandomFound.

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See you next week for Episode 11 entitled “Dead or Alive Or” — which clearly makes no sense…

Sebastian C.