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808 – How It’s Gotta Be – The Walking Dead


We return this week to discuss the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. What did we think? We actually thought there were some pretty solid moments, even though the show continues to suffer from the same season-wide issues: plot convenience, strange character motivations, trick reveals, and plot points that just don’t make any sense whatsoever. Some of the top moments include scenes with Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie), but the promised “big reveal” left us feeling both flaccid and angry. We discuss it all and some TWD news on this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast by Fandom Found.

Next week Ryan will return and we’ll be doing a Season 8A wrap up. Be sure to send in your feedback for that show — email us your thoughts on the finale, the season thus far, or any rants about Scott Gimple to! See you next week!

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