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#110 – “Postseason Mishmash” – Issue 167, TWD News & Survivor: Game Changers


Welcome to the first official podcast during The Walking Dead hiatus. We’re covering a bunch of different topics in this 90-minute postseason mishmash podcast. On this episode we’re talking Issue 167 of The Walking Dead comic, some brief The Walking Dead news, TV shows we’re digging during the hiatus, and, most importantly, Season 34 of Survivor: Game Changers.

Since we’re discussing some spoilerly goodness, particularly in relation to the comics, you can find the discussion timestamps noted below. Feel free to skip around to the content you find most interesting.

  • The Walking Dead: Issue 167 starts at 0:13:00
  • Covering recent The Walking Dead news starts at 0:28:20
  • Survivor: Game Changers – season discussion, pool standings and predictions starts at 0:46:58

You can find links to all of the articles we discuss during the news section below:

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Sebastian C.