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#98 – “A 20 Dollar Bet” – TWD S7:E5 – “Go Getters”


This week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on Sasha and Martha….or is it Maggie? How have they been handling the deaths of their love interests, and how is the Hilltop handling their arrival? On this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, we discuss:

  • Maggie’s health
  • How big of a dick can Gregory be? But is he really wrong?
  • Did this story progress too quickly?
  • Inconsistencies in the walker invasion plot
  • Sebastian and Ryan make a $20 bet
  • The relationship between Carl and Enid
  • Listener feedback
  • much, much more!

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Thanks for listening to this episode! We’ll be back next week to chat about Season 7 Episode 6 entitled Swear.

Sebastian C.