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New Characters and a Naked Daryl Dixon in Episode 3 ‘The Cell’

Warning – minor spoilers for Episode 3 of The Walking Dead entitled “The Cell.”

Since fans will need to wait until at least Episode 4 to see the return of Rick Grimes and company after the brutal Season 7 premiere, the writers and producers are dishing up something a little different for fans this week. Fan girls rejoice – it appears that Episode 3 “The Cell” will focus solely on everyone’s favorite lovable bad ass Daryl Dixon.

But this isn’t just any normal Dixon-themed episode. Based on the preview trailer for this week’s episode, it appears that Norman Reedus will don his birthday suit. Will Negan force him to shower? One can only hope.


If you remember correctly from the premiere, Daryl Dixon is taken prisoner by Negan and The Saviors after he punches Negan in the face after the death of Abraham. While Negan doesn’t take revenge on Dixon, the attack does result in the death of Glenn.

In addition to Daryl, it appears this episode will also focus on crispy face Dwight. Might we learn how his face came to be versus the last time we saw him? Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we’ve learned that we’ll also meet a number of new characters that live in The Savior’s community known as The Sanctuary.


1. Dr. Emmett Carson will be played by Tim Parati. Does this name sound familiar? Emmett is Harlan Carson’s (from Hilltop) brother. He also happens to be a doctor. Two doctors in one family? Their parents must be so proud.

2. Joshua Hoover will play “Joey,” a member of The Saviors.

3.Elizabeth Ludlow will play “Laura.” She’s a Savior involved in the car chase scene that happens in the upcoming episode.

4. Michael Scialabba will play “Gordon.” He’s a Savior who runs away from the Sanctuary. We all know what happens with runaways. Will we see the infamous face burning scene from the comic book series?

What are you looking forward to most from Episode 3? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ryan Smith