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When Will We See Rick and Group Again on The Walking Dead Season 7?

Looks like we might have to wait awhile.


After the ridiculously brutal premiere of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, many fans are wondering when exactly we will see the fallout that results from the events that occurred in Episode 1. Based on filming spoilers from the set, it sounds like viewers will have to wait a couple of weeks before we see Rick and company again.

Filming details for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead show that only a few characters were present, specifically Melissa McBride (Carol) and Lennie James (Morgan). This means that this weeks episode “The Well” will likely only focus on Carol, Morgan, and the soon to be introduced community known as The Kingdom.

While “show-only” fans looking for some closure from the events of the premiere may be disappointed, comic book fans will be excited to learn that Episode 2 will feature none other than King Ezekial (played by Khary Payton)  and his faithful tiger Shiva (played by CGI and a puppet). Additionally, The Spoiling Dead Fans are reporting that a few new characters in the form of Kingdom members will be joining the show:


1. Benjamin – Played by Logan Miller. According to a casting call this character is “a generally warm-hearted teenager who can be a bit of a wise ass, but never a bully.”

2. Richard – Played by Karl Makinen. Comic fans will be familiar with Richard. He’s described in his casting call as, “A rugged, no-bullshit survivor who’s very protective of his way of life. He’s straight laced, no nonsense, and is as tough on himself as he is on others.”

3. Dianne – Played by Kerry Cahill. We don’t know much about her other then she’s a lady that kicks ass.

4. Jerry – Played by Cooper Andrews. He serves as Ezekiel’s bodyguard.

5. Alvaro – Played by Carlos Navarro (Not pictured). We don’t know much about dear Alvaro.

According to showrunner Scott Gimple, Episode 2 will offer some much needed comedic relief. On the 90-minute long Talking Dead recap show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, Gimple revealed that Sunday’s episode will be filled with humor.

“It is funny,” Gimple revealed to the lively crowd at the Hollywood Forever Graveyard. “It’s actually funny after the episode you just saw.” “There is a tiger. There is King Ezekiel.”

This may be a welcome addition after last week’s bloodbath. Would you prefer that Episode 2 pick up right where the premiere left off, or are you excited for some relief after the rough premiere? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.