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#94– “Bonus Kill” – TWD S7:E1 – “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”


We’re back, bitches! Thanks for all the kind words over the summer break – we are happy to be back and excited to discuss Season 7 of The Walking Dead with you. Finally fans were able to witness the horrible events that occurred in Season 6 – we were waiting for it and well, they did it justice. On this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, we discuss:

  • Not one but TWO character deaths
  • How would we have preferred these last two episodes played out?
  • Is Daryl to blame for Glenn’s death?
  • Was the episode too violent?
  • Has Maggie had it the worst on TWD?
  • Some Fear The Walking Dead discussion
  • Listener feedback
  • much, much more!

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Thanks for listening to this episode! We’ll be back next week to chat about Season 7 Episode 2 entitled The Well.

Sebastian C.