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E.P. Greg Nicotero Suggests TWD Season 7 May Be Filmed Out of Order

Maury Povich is disappointed in you, Greg.


Warning: possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7.

In a laughably predictable move by AMC and The Walking Dead, Executive Producer Greg Nicotero recently went on the record to state that they are doing everything in their power to prevent the leak of Negan’s victim prior to the release of Season 7.

In an interview with IGN, Nicotero stated that identifying which character may have perished based on who is or isn’t present on the set as of now is inadmissible, as the season’s schedule doesn’t “necessarily mean that we’re shooting in order.”

While we know this to be a BOLD FACE LIE, filming for the Season 7 premiere episode has already wrapped – the episode was filmed at Raleigh Studios in order to prevent leaks. In addition, reports continue to pour in regarding which actors have been seen on set. This means that any character seen filming outside of the studio consistently is likely alive and well in Season 7.

It would be completely ridiculous to assume that the show will incorporate a significant number of flashbacks to confuse fans trying to get a hint of who Negan killed, or that they would pay actors to hang around on set just to make it seem like they’re filming. Would altering the story in an attempt to confuse fans during off-season really be the best use of the show’s time, money, and resources? Coming from one of the cheapest networks on the planet, this is highly unlikely. This is yet another desperate attempt by AMC and The Walking Dead to try and mislead. After all, it’s not the first time writers and producers for the show have lied directly to our faces. Don’t fall for it this time either.

It also seems fishy since this statement comes shortly after it was reported that actor Steven Yeun, aka Glenn, hasn’t been seen on set since Episode 1 filming and is now shooting a movie in South Korea. While filming a movie and television show at the same time doesn’t always mean certain death for a character, it seems strange that a key player for The Walking Dead would go missing during a time he is likely to be featured the most.

AMC and The Walking Dead has always made a habit of “saying too much at the wrong time”, thus confirming what fans already suspect. Take the leaked audio from the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Many fans speculated whether it was real audio or not, but AMC’s aggressive use of DMCA take-down notices thus confirmed the audio to be real prior to the episode airing.

Sorry, Greg. Maybe next time.

Sebastian C.