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LOST Alum Cast as King Ezekial on The Walking Dead?


Waaaaalt! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! You likely remember Harold Perrineau from his role as Michael Dawson on the iconic ABC drama LOST. But have new rumors confirmed Perrineau will join the biggest show on television as a fan-favorite comic book character?

Early this week, fan sightings seemed to suggest that Perrineau was on the Atlanta-based set of The Walking Dead. It was speculated that he had been cast as King Ezekial, leader of The Kingdom. King Ezekial is most well known for his theatrical antics, in addition to owning a pet tiger named Shiva.

While it wasn’t confirmed whether Perrineau had been cast, rumors were propelled when fans noticed that he recently followed The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman on Twitter. However, The Spoiling Dead Fans, who initially reported fan rumors of a Perrineau sighting, later suggested that these sightings were incorrect. No word on how the rumors were debunked, but we are going to take them at their word until a set photo is released.

Sorry, LOST fans!

In other news, King Ezekial’s pet tiger Shiva will make an appearance on the show. Rumor is the tiger will be a mixture of CGI and animatronics.

Who do you want to play King Ezekial on The Walking Dead? Are you still holding out for Perrineau, or do you have another actor in mind? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.