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Walking Dead Creator: “I’m Disappointed in George R.R. Martin…”


Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead franchise, recently took some heat after comments he made regarding the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. In the Letter Hacks section of the comics, Kirkman defended the cliffhanger tactic used during Negan’s infamous introduction. Fan response to the “apology” was mixed; some commended Kirkman for speaking out, while others weren’t buying it.

But one thing Kirkman holds steadfast on is his decision to keep the ending of The Walking Dead comic book series a complete secret. When asked if he knows how The Walking Dead will end, Kirkman replied, “For the books? I do. I know how the story wraps up.” This has left many fans to wonder whether the show will ever catch up to the television series. suggests “in terms of story telling, the comics are at an equivalent to season 12 based on The Walking Dead‘s pacing through six seasons.”

This should come as relief to non-comic readers who don’t want the ending of the show spoiled by graphic novel fans. So while Kirkman has an end in mind, but doesn’t know when exactly it will happen, his lips are sealed. Although it’s unlikely that the source material will never catch up to the show, Kirkman had some strong opinions regarding The Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin’s decision to reveal his ending to show producers prior to finishing writing the novels. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kirkman stated:

“I would never do that. That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in George R.R. Martin for doing.  He should have just been like, ‘F— you.’ You make it up now, I’ll get to mine when I’m ready.”

Those are some pointed words toward an incredibly talented writer who has created a book-to-show adaptation that many fans tend to think is superior to Kirkman’s zombie drama. Do you think Kirkman’s comments are justified? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.


Sebastian C.