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The Kingdom is Coming in Season 7 – King Ezekial Being Cast?

All signs are pointing to a massive comic book character coming to Season 7 of the hit zombie drama.

Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series may have noticed multiple nods to The Kingdom community in the latter half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Your first taste of The Kingdom comes when Rick and Morgan are trying to find Carol and stumble upon an old farm. This is where they encounter an individual who is looking for his horse. The interaction is interrupted when a number of walkers emerge and the man in forced to flee. If you were paying close attention to the scene, you likely noticed the man is wearing armor similar to what is worn by the “the knights” in the graphic novel.


To further propel this theory into reality, The Walking Dead and AMC recently released a casting call that sounds starkly similar to a fan favorite comic book character. “Augustus” is describe as an African American male who has an eccentric, charismatic charm. He has an air of regality, but it might just be a farce. This casting announcement sounds like none other than King Ezekial of The Kingdom. Check out the full casting call below:

THE WALKING DEAD, Episode #703

Executive Producers: Scott M. Gimple, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Tom Luse
From the graphic novel by: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard
Casting Directors: Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Gohar Gazazyan
Location: Atlanta Area
Outside Dates: o/a 5/25/16 – late November


[AUGUSTUS]African American, 40s. An eccentric, charismatic, and kind leader. He projects a regal air of confidence and wisdom to his people, and he enjoys the respect they give him because of it. To an outsider, his deliberate dress and mannerisms might seem theatrical, and to a degree, they are…RECURRING GUEST STAR SEASON 7 (TOP OF SHOW), MULTIPLE YEAR SERIES OPTION (7/16)

Which actor would you want to see cast as King Ezekial? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!