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Lauren Cohan on Assuming a Leadership Position Within the Group

Actress weighs in on how Maggie will shape up as a future leader within Rick's group of survivors.


The Walking Dead comic book spoilers abound – you have been warned!

It’s the moment comic book fans have been eagerly awaiting; Maggie to assume her position as head honcho within Rick’s group of survivors. It comes as no surprise that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie will be transitioning into a leadership role as Season 6 continues onward.

During the first half of the season, Maggie is essentially groomed by Deanna to be her successor. This story line hinted at future comic plots to come; Maggie will (presumably) become the eventual leader of the yet to be introduced Hilltop colony – as if the new haircut didn’t give it away.


In a recent interview with, Lauren Cohan took some time to discuss Deanna’s influence on Maggie, and how the former leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone helped shape her character moving forward.

It’s been really interesting, because Deanna saw things in Maggie that she didn’t necessarily see in herself when they got to Alexandria, and I think the most important part was that she could be this intermediary. She understood the way her group functioned, but she also has that hopeful vision and aligned with that hopeful vision that Deanna had to create a sustainable community.

And this is all coming before she’s pregnant, before she knows that they’re going to have a baby, and so it’s very fortunate that she gains these lessons from Deanna. And then what we get to see as we progress is Rick saying that Deanna was right. These are the things you have to do, and he’s realizing that Maggie may be able to deal with certain people that he isn’t able to. He’s, well, you know, brutish.

Maggie will join soon-to-be introduced comic book character Jesus, played by Tom Payne, as advisers to Rick Grimes. It will be interesting to see how other “alpha” characters like Abraham or Daryl might fair in the latter half of the season as new leaders emerge within the group.

Until then, let us know what you think of Maggie assuming the lead in the comments section below. Could this possibly hint at the fate of Glenn? Sound off with your thoughts!

Sebastian C.