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Sarah Wayne-Callies Helped Save Carol From Being Killed Off In Season 3

Sarah Wayne-Callies did Melissa McBride's Carol a solid.


Sarah Wayne-Callies, aka Lori Grimes, got a whole lot of guff during her time on The Walking Dead. After all, it wasn’t easy playing the on again off again wife of Rick Grimes, passionately swept away by his best friend during a zombie apocalypse. Fans are still wondering who is the father of baby Judith. But during her dying breath, it turns out that actress Sarah Wayne-Callies may have helped save a fan favorite character that was supposed to be killed off during Season 3.

As most The Walking Dead fans know, Melissa McBride’s character Carol was supposed to be killed off in Season 3 instead of T-Dog. However, it was later decided that Carol would survive and T-dog would perish along with Lori in Episode 4 of Season 3 entitled “Killer Within.”

According to Andrew Lincoln during a recent interview with, Sarah Wayne-Callies was actually one of the people responsible for defending Carol’s worth on the television series, claiming it would be a “terrible mistake” to kill her off.

It was the episode when Lori and T-Dog die. But for a few weeks it was going to be Carol and Lori. And Sarah, in her good grace and class, stepped in and said, “That’s a terrible mistake.” And so she knew that she was going, but she fought for you to stay.

It’s hard to imagine how different the series might be without Carol. Lori may have been a terrible mother, wife, and well, human being, but at least she helped save a fan favorite character. For that, we thank you, Sarah Wayne-Callies.