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SPOILERS: Rick is Having Sex with WHO in Season 6 Episode 10?!

Bow chicka wow wow.


As most fans know, The Walking Dead doesn’t always follow the comic books to the tee. One of the biggest shifts in the show was when Andrea was killed off in Season 3. Comparatively, Andrea is still alive in the comic book series – and is actually a fan favorite character, if you can believe that.

More interestingly, Andrea and Rick are in a serious relationship; Carl even refers to her as “mom”. When TV Andrea met her demise at the end of Season 3, many fans wondered who would replace Rick’s love interest later down the line. With the death of Jessie in the midseason premiere, it turns out Rick will be moving on a lot faster than expected.

After Andrew Lincoln alluded to it in an interview, it was rumored that a time hop would occur in Season 6B. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, the time hop referenced by Lincoln will occur in Episode 10 “The Next World.” No specific amount of time will be mentioned, but its safe to assume not that much time has passed. However, it was enough time for an interesting relationship to blossom. According to reports, Rick will do the horizontal mambo with Michonne.

– By the end of the episode, Rick and Michonne have sex, just like that. They hold hands, make out and then have sex and when Jesus arrives in Rick’s bedroom they’re naked in bed together. ETA: This will be their first time. Nothing happened over the jump. And it all begins with mint drops.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans, as there has always been some underlying chemistry between the two characters. Additionally, Michonne’s close relationship with Carl would suggest that she could easily assume the role of comic book Andrea in the near future.

How will this impact other story lines to come? Michonne is heavily involved with another character in the comics during this same time period. So it’s left us wondering how that arc will pan out later in the series.

Until then, however, it’s Richonne all the way.

What do you think about The Walking Dead finally adding a little sexy time in the show? Are you glad that Rick and Michonne will be “a thing”? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.