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Alexandra Breckenridge Pitched TWD Showrunner to Save Her Character

With death looming in the near future, Alexandara Breckenridge made last ditch effort to save her character.


It’s been but a few days since the midseason premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead and the psychological damage suffered by fans is still pretty fresh. While it seemed that many viewers were excited to see the untimely deaths of problem children Sam and Ron, Alexandra Breckenridge’s character Jessie found its way into the hearts of viewers.

Whether it was her similar redemptive backstory to fan favorite character Carol, her blossoming romance with our hero Rick Grimes, or her heartfelt plea to Alexandrians to take a stand to defend their community, the character seemed to resonate with fans. As a result, many were heartbroken when the character met her demise during the incognito zombie guts mission. Way to go, Sam.

According to a recent article with The Hollywood Reporter, Breckenridge also had a difficult time parting with the character.

We were at a cast dinner in L.A. and I was chatting about where I was looking to find an apartment and showrunner Scott Gimple said, “Oh, I should talk to you about that.” We had a meeting a few weeks later and he told me it [her death] was happening and which episode. I was super bummed because it’s the best set I’ve ever worked on with the most fun creative, supportive team of people. I didn’t want to get killed off.

Breckenridge even went as far as trying to convince showrunner Scott Gimple to keep her character alive on the show by pitching an alternate story line.

I sent Scott an email and had a pitch for how he didn’t have to kill Jessie. It wasn’t totally serious and said, “Her children get killed, Sam is eaten and Ron is killed trying to kill Rick — and Jessie leaves the group and you don’t find her for another year and a half when you see her in season seven or eight and she’s a crazy feral woman.” (Laughing) I thought it was fun. It was a more interesting direction than standing there in shock and getting eaten herself.

Oh, how Danielle Rousseau of you. Someone was obviously a LOST fan.

When questioned whether we are likely to see Jessie again on the show, in human or zombie form, the actor responded, “I don’t think so! I think that was just too sad for them!” Rumors have been circling that we will get to see a zombie version of Tovah Feldshuh’s character Deanna Monroe, but it doesn’t sound like we will see a zombified Jessie, as fans did in the comic book series.

Were you upset about the death of Jessie? Would you have liked to see her live on as a feral woman? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ryan Smith