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Did You Notice the Mysterious Car in the Background of The Saviors Encounter During “No Way Out”?

It's okay. We didn't either.


During the midseason premiere, fans were first introduced to The Saviors, Negan’s ragtag group of Survivors who seem to think they own everything they come across. Well, we all know how that encounter turned out. After Daryl subdues one of The Saviors behind the tanker, in typical Daryl fashion he ends up blowing up the rest with an RPG. Since all of The Saviors were presumably killed, fans were left wondering how exactly this interaction would play into the larger plot.

Well, thanks to an astute viewer on Twitter, a small detail that might have been overlooked could answer that question. According to Twitter user @VinnieGorham, if you zoom into the top right corner of the scene right before The Saviors meet their demise, you can see a small vehicle approaching the scene. It comes into sight just as the leader of the group says he’s changed his mind about shooting Sasha and Abraham. Check out the clip below:


The even bigger question remains: was it Negan in the car and will this tie into a future story line regarding Daryl? Fans on Reddit are speculating that it could be a production error, since it’s such a minor detail that so many fans wouldn’t notice to begin with. However, The Walking Dead is known for including little details that only few fans wind up seeing. Take this for example: one of the Gareth’s “hunters” can be seen in the background of a conversation between Daryl and Carol in Season 5.

car-in-background-the-walking-deadSome are speculating that the same vehicle seen in the background of The Savior standoff is also the white SUV seen in the Season 6 trailer.


What do you think of all this speculation? Did you notice the car in the background? What could this mean for Daryl in the future? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.