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Lauren Cohan Reacts to Season 6 Finale: “I Didn’t Want to Go to Work That Day.”

Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan chime in with their reactions to the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.


The Season 6 midseason premiere is upon us, yet fans can’t help but fast forward and speculate how the season will end. With news of Negan’s arrival in the Season 6 finale, fans are wondering which character will meet their demise at the hands of this new villain.

Well, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) aren’t trying to calm any fan’s nerves, especially after their statements in a recent interview with Reportedly, it will be one of the most difficult episodes for fans to handle – quite possibly of the entire series. With so much that has occurred over the last five and a half seasons, that’s a pretty lofty statement to make. But Lincoln isn’t holding anything back.

“I felt sick to my stomach when I read the script. It was the first day in the whole six years of working on The Walking Dead that I was late for work because I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was so angry and frustrated and I felt sick. And that was just after reading it.”

That’s probably how many fans reacted when they read Issue #100 of The Walking Dead comic series, which is likely to mimic the Season 6 finale (regardless of who might meet Lucille). So, for an actor like Andrew Lincoln, who doesn’t watch the show or read the comic books, such a reaction would suggest something gruesome to come.

Lauren Cohan also weighed in, suggesting that she didn’t even want to come to work that day.

“[Hearing] the word ‘finale’ gives me a physical reaction because it’s the hardest day on set that I’ve ever had in my life. I never even imagined that as an actor you could have that experience. It’s one of the most raw experiences that I think any of us have ever had. Andy talks about being late to work; I didn’t want to go to work that day. It took a really, really long time for everybody to feel okay again after the finale, let’s put it that way.”

There has already been a bit of speculation regarding the fate of Maggie, especially since Lauren Cohan cut her hair and seems to be doing a lot more movies lately. However, her statement seems to suggest that her character survives the finale.

What are you expecting to happen in the Season 6 finale? Which character will meet their demise? Are the actors being overly dramatic (which we all know they tend to do)? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Ryan Smith