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FOX Russia (Accidentally?) Spoils Major Plot Point in Newly Released Midseason Promo Trailer

Oops! Fox Russia Utilizes Clip in Midseason Promo Trailer That Spoils a Major Story Line to Come.

In this WTF moment of the week, Fox Russia seemingly spoiled a major plot point to come in their Season 6 midseason promo teaser. Ever since set photos of Carl’s bandaged eye made their rounds on the internet late last summer, fans have been speculating whether this important comic book story line would actually see the light of day on the show.


Many argued that the CGI costs would be too great, while others didn’t think The Walking Dead “would go there” when it comes to essentially…shooting a child in the face. Thanks to FOX Russia, we now know that those set photos turned out to be totally legit and Carl will, in fact, get shot in the face in the show. Check out the screen grab below:


It comes as no surprise that this image has already been making its way across the web, being shared by spoiler and news websites alike. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead, took to Twitter to express his disdain for those sharing the photo and ruining the surprise for others.

Sorry, Carl. But maybe you should take it up with AMC or The Walking Dead, since they didn’t do a great job of policing their own networks. Thanks, Russia!