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Alicia Witt Joins Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Justified star joins cast for Season 7 of The Walking Dead


This week, Justified star Alicia Witt announced on Twitter that she will be joining the cast of The Walking Dead. Witt took to Twitter to announce the news herself, with AMC declining to confirm.

While there is no word who exactly Witt will play, it’s been speculated that she will assume the role of one of Negan’s “wives”, or potentially a member of one of the new communities Rick and group will encounter, such as The Hilltop. She was reported on set during filming for Episode 13, responding to a casting call for one of two “biker chicks” by the names of “Polly” and “Mary.”

It’s more likely than not that we will be seeing Witt in Season 6, but no one seems to know exactly how long she will remain on the show. It appears at this point that the role is either a guest spot or a minor recurring role.


Sebastian C.