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Crowdfunding Campaign Asks The Walking Dead Fans to Donate to “Negan’s Swear Jar”

GoFundMe campaign looks to raise money to pay AMC's FCC fines to bring Negan true to form on The Walking Dead television series.


If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead comic book series, you’re no stranger to the foul-mouth villain known as Negan. Negan is best known as the leader of The Saviors, a rag-tag group of survivors who wreak havoc on surrounding communities. Recently, it was announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as Negan, and would make his first appearance in the Season 6 finale. Up until now, fans have only heard the name Negan mentioned in a post-credits scene after the Season 6 midseason finale.

Alas, many comic book fans are concerned with how Negan will be introduced in the show. We’ve already seen a number of other comic book characters inhibited by the show’s limitations on language and sexuality. Some examples include The Governor, Abraham, and well-known quotes like, “They’re fucking with the wrong people.”

So how will a character like Negan, where nearly every other word out of his mouth is a profanity, fair in The Walking Dead television series? Honestly, we’re not feeling good about it. A character such as Negan, who is literally defined by his colorful language, will likely suffer greatly when translated to a PG-13 version.

That’s why we at created a GoFundMe account called Negan’s Swear Jar. We argue that profanity and crude content is no more harmful than graphic violence, something that The Walking Dead has no issue showcasing each and every week.

We want to show AMC, as well as the FCC and the show’s sponsors, that we are not offended by crude language. We have the wherewithal to decide whether a television program is acceptable for ourselves and our children. That’s why we are looking to raise $325,ooo, the amount the FCC could fine a broadcaster for airing indecent material like nudity or profanity.

If AMC isn’t willing to take the financial risk to do the character justice, we want to show them that the fans are willing to cover the cost in order to get what we want.

As one die hard fan to another, please donate to “Negan’s Swear Jar.” Donate here.

Sebastian C.