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The Walking Dead Midseason Finale – Recap and What’s to Come During 6B


Sunday’s mid-season finale left viewers with many loose ends that will be much anticipated for the mid-season premiere come February. So many things happened in the premiere that it was almost hard to keep up with. The compromised wall leads to Alexandria getting overrun by the herd waiting outside the walls and everyone is scattering for safety in the houses. We see individual groups struggling to find a way to get out of danger, and contemplating how they will get out of their predicament unharmed.

Morgan and Carol are confined together in the house Morgan has been keeping one of the captured Wolves in. From the beginning, that was not going to end well, and as we saw, it ended with both Carol and Morgan knocked unconscious while the captured Wolf took Denise hostage and forced her out of the house and into the walker-filled streets.

Glenn and Enid watch from afar as the herd of walkers tear through Alexandria with Glenn strategizing how to get in and help.

And Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were nowhere to be found. But as we saw in the special preview after the episode, they run into the Saviors on their way back to Alexandria.

So what can we expect in the second half of Season 6?

Well, we can assume that a lot of people are going to die in the mid-season premiere. If you saw the spoilers for Sunday’s episode, you were probably disappointed when the episode ended right when those spoilers should have happened. So presumably, that will be what we see in the February premiere. Robert Kirkman himself confirmed on The Talking Dead that a lot of people were going to die in the mid-season premiere.

The short preview we were presented with finally showed our first footage of the long awaited Saviors. Comic readers have been long anticipating hearing Negan’s name said on prime time television, and we finally got a small taste. Viewers can assume that there will be a showdown between Daryl, Sasha, Abraham and the group that stopped them on the road. It hasn’t been directly confirmed that these men were from the Saviors, but any comic reader can use their best judgement. During the second half of Season 6 viewers can expect to see more of this group. Will Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham make it back to Alexandria safe? Or will part of Season 6 revolve around them trying to negotiate, or possibly fight off those men?

And finally…

Negan is coming. The preview left us with this ominous, yet exciting line; “Your property now belongs to Negan.” Jeffrey Dean Morgan is confirmed to make his appearance as the long-awaited comic villain, Negan, in the Season 6 finale. There’s no doubt we will probably see teasers of his presence throughout the duration of the last half of the season, leading up to what will sure be a dramatic entrance into the show.

What are you expecting to see during the second half of Season 6? Sound off with your thoughts below.

Sebastian C.