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Leaked Spoilers for TWD S6 Ep. 8 ‘Start to Finish’


The midseason finale is upon us, and although the originally released spoilers for the episode don’t appear they will pan out until Episode 9, it still sounds as though we are in for a wild ride. Check out full spoilers for Episode 8 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead entitled “Start to Finish.”

TSDF OFFICIAL: Summary of Episode 608 “Start to Finish”

A huge thanks to our source!

The walkers pour in and everybody struggles with them a bit and then goes into hiding. They are separated into different groups. I’ll get the less important groups out of the way before I focus on the real meat of the episode:

– Tara, Rosita and Eugene hide in some garage after Eugene has shouted the “Help!” we heard two episodes ago into the walkie talkie. Rosita is distraught, but Tara gives some pep talk and proclaims that nothing is lost yet. Eugene attempts to unlock the door leading into the house.

– Maggie barely saves herself by climbing up a guard post and that’s basically all we see from her. That guard post doesn’t look all that solid and the walkers may tear it down.

– Glenn and Enid are still outside and also have just one brief scene where they discuss what to do. Enid just wants to leave, Glenn disagrees, of course. It is revealed that Glenn knows about Maggie’s pregnancy.

Now on to the important stuff:

– Rick, Carl, Michonne, Deanna, Jesse, Gabriel, Ron, Sam and Judith hide in Jesse’s house. It is revealed that Deanna was bitten, she prepares to die and has some tearful conversations with Rick (“They are all your people now. Take care of them.”) and Michonne (“Find out what you want.”). Meanwhile, Ron goes insane and attacks Carl. Their fight attracts the walkers who break into the house. They are able to contain them by blocking them out with furniture but barely. Later, Carl confronts Ron and takes away his gun but doesn’t tell the others about his meltdown. As the walkers threaten to take down the barricades, they decide to mess themselves up with walker intestines and leave the house. They can’t take the weakened Deanna with them though who then decides that she’ll take care of it herself with her gun “when she’s ready”. They leave and carve their way through the walker crowd while Deanna decides to not shoot herself but instead shoot some of the walkers heading towards her (we don’t see her getting eaten though). The episode ends with the rest standing on the porch among the huge walker crowd and stupid little Sam repeatedly saying “Mom”.

– Morgan and Carol take refuge in Morgan’s house while Denise is in the basement with the wolf. After overcoming her fear, Denise attempts to treat the wolf’s wound, basically joining Morgan’s “let’s change him” mission. Carol slipped before they made it into the house and she seems to have a concussion from the fall, which is later revealed to be a ruse to sneak into the basement. Carol wants to kill the wolf, Morgan won’t let her, a fight between them ensues, Morgan knocks Carol out, the wolf knocks Morgan out and then frees himself with a knife. It is then revealed that Tara, Rosita and Eugene were in the same house the whole time and they stumble into that whole scenario. The wolf takes Denise hostage and demands their guns which they do hand over. The episode ends with the wolf and Denise leaving the house, heading towards the walker crowd.

Finally, we get a post-credits scene: Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are captured by some biker gang blocking the road. I’ll just say that the final word of the episode is “Negan”.

So basically, everybody leaves this episode in a really *beep* position, everything’s up in the air and it’s going to be very long three months for all of us until the show returns. Woohoo!


P.S. As you can see, the rumored Jessie/Carl/Ron scene does NOT appear in the MSF. But it looks like the stage is set for it to happen in episode 9. Still not confirmed, but highly likely to go down roughly as described in the rumor.

SOURCE: The Spoiling Dead Fans

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