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#83 – “Midseason Hiatus is Coming” – TWD S6:E7 – “Heads Up”


Can you believe we are only one episode away from the mid-season hiatus? This is literally the WORST time of year because we are usually left with a major cliffhanger leading into the holiday season. Who can focus on eating turkey or opening presents with the fate of our favorite zombie Apocalypse survivors in limbo? Well, let’s try to enjoy the time we have left as we discuss Season 6 Episode 7 of The Walking Dead entitled “Heads Up.” As a warning, this episode is VERY HEAVY on comic book spoilers. We take our best guess at what’s going to happen in the midseason finale based on the events of the comics – you have been warned.  In addition, we discuss:

  • Sebastian’s big announcement!
  • An email throwback to last week’s episode
  • Don’t forget our “Ask My Anything” style show – email us your questions at TWDEPODCAST@GMAIL.COM
  • Fan reactions to Glenn returning
  • The plausibility of Glenn surviving the dumpster scenario
  • Is Enid the new comic book Sophia?
  • What is Ron planning on doing to Carl?
  • The predictability of this season thus far
  • How will Carol handle Morgan after finding the locked up Wolf?
  • The strange Carol/Sam interaction
  • Zombie Kill of the Week & Episode Ratings
  • And much more!

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Thanks for listening to this episode! We’ll be back next week to chat about Season 6 Episode 8 entitled No Way Out.

Sebastian C.