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Who is Asking for Help at the End of Ep. 6 ‘Always Accountable’?


This past Sunday’s episode “Always Accountable” left fans with many questions. Was the group Daryl’s captors encountered the long awaited Saviors? Are we finally meeting new groups of survivors that surround Alexandria? And the biggest question, who is asking for help on the walkie talkie?

The episode left us with Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, presumably going back to Alexandria, when a voice comes over Daryl’s walkie talkie just saying “help.” Fans were quick to theorize whose voice we heard over the walkie, and the general fan consensus is Glenn. Glenn is presumably dead, but most fans are holding on to hope that the fan favorite is alive and well. But if it wasn’t Glenn, then who was it?

Dwight and Sherry – unlikely…

One fan theory is that whoever was on the walkie was Daryl’s captors. It can be assumed that they radioed over the walkie that was in Daryl’s bag after they stole all of his things, and his bike, and rode off into paradise. But if it’s one thing Walking Dead fans know best, it’s that we know when things are too obvious. It seems unlikely that the writers would put the captors on the walkie, right after they stole Daryl’s bike, bag, and crossbow. It’s also too obvious that it would be them.

Rick Grimes – possible…

Another theory is that the voice on the other side is Rick. We know what’s going on back at Alexandria, but Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha do not. When Rick returned, he was still trying to reach the others to bring them back to Alexandria. It is a good possibility that Rick could be attempting to reach them for help.

Glenn – most likely…

But, general fan consensus says that Glenn is the voice asking for help on the walkie talkie. And here’s why this is a distinct possibility.  The writers have left us in limbo since episode three, “Thank You”, where we saw Glenn’s possible demise. We haven’t seen anything about Glenn, his condition, or his whereabouts since we last saw him in the crowd of walkers. We don’t know where he is, or if he is alive. If the writers put him on the other end of the walkie talkie, Glenn’s intro back into the show would be an interesting turn of events for viewers. We’ve seen Glenn’s fate; no one else has. That storyline alone would be a clever way to let us anxious viewers know if Glenn was alive.

But, if you go out of your way to find potential spoilers, you might have seen photos from the set that show Glenn with characters that have not yet been introduced into the show, such as Paul Monroe, AKA Jesus. There is enough evidence, and hope, to prove the theory that Glenn was the voice we heard on the walkie talkie. The writers are known to cleverly throw in these pivotal, cliff-hanger endings during anxious times in the show, and it would not be surprising to see Glenn on the other side of the radio.

Was the voice Glenn? Was it Daryl’s captors? Or was it someone we haven’t seen yet? Our curiosity is in the writers hands. Who do you think was asking for help? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Courtney Egner