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Leaked Spoilers for TWD S6 Ep. 7 ‘Heads Up’


Warning: this post contains major spoilers for Episode 7 of The Walking Dead entitled “Heads Up”.

With the midseason finale closing in quickly, and the reality of a winter hiatus setting in, fans of The Walking Dead are frothing at the mouth to find out the resolution to some of the show’s biggest mysteries to date. With that, The Spoiling Dead Fans have leaked their weekly spoilers for the next episode. Here are some of the things we will find out in Episode 7 “Heads Up”:

Morgan’s Dirty Little Secret is No Longer a Secret

Turns out a few members of our group will find out Morgan’s dirty little secret; specifically, that he’s been hiding a wolf in the Alexandria Safe Zone. But it might not be who you expect to find out. Carol and Denise will be the ones to learn of the wolf living among them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the situation will be resolved this episode.

Q-Do the others find out about the tied up wolf? What are their reactions and what do they decide to do with him?
A-Yes, Denise and Carol. We don’t see their reaction or any decision.

The Mystery Person on the Radio Stays a Mystery

Coming out of last week, the biggest question fans have is who was asking for help on the walkie talkie? Is it Glenn? Is it Dwight? Is it a random character we haven’t met yet? Well, according to TSDFs, we won’t find out who was requesting help. Sounds like something that might not get resolved until part two of Season 6 coming next year. Womp.

Q-Do we find out who said “Help” on the radio? If so, who?

Glenn is Under the Dumpster….Yes, really.

After all this time. All the attempts to convince the fandom that Glenn was dead, even when we saw Steven Yeun in set photos with characters that haven’t been introduced in the show yet. Well, it turns out this mystery will officially be solved this week, as it is revealed that Glenn is alive and well hiding under the dumpster that everyone assumed he was hiding under.

Enid Helps Save Glenn

If you cared, Enid will also return this episode. She indirectly helps Glenn by providing him water. You go, Glenn Coco.

Q-How does Glenn escape?
A-The old hide under the dumpster trick. Cheap. (Glenn basically waits it out until the walkers leave. Enid spots Glenn first from a roof and throws him some water down after he gets out.)

Well, there you have it. Spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead. I’m sure they were meant to be exciting, but since everyone is an investigative journalist these days, I’d say 98% of the fandom already knew that Glenn was alive – so nothing surprising there. If you want to read the full Q&A from The Spoiling Dead fans, you can do so here.

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Ryan Smith