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The Walking Dead Comics: #148 Review – No Turning Back

Issue_148_CoverThis post contains spoilers for the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic book series.

By: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn
Released: Nov 11, 2015
Publisher: Image – Skybound

The issue picks up with the stand off between Lydia, Andrea and now Carl.  What we get is a “Mexican stand off” with all participants holding guns on each other.  Carl is able to quickly deescalate the situation by threatening to shoot Lydia in the arm if she does not get the gun off of his mom.  Lydia then delivers the premise of this storyline when she apologizes and utters the words “People make mistakes when they are scared.”

The entire storyline deals with reacting out of fear.  We next see Alpha who has become emotional; she is alone in the woods and is crying as her head is resting against a tree.  Another Whisperer out on patrol finds her and Alpha admits she did not anticipate worrying and thinking about Lydia.  She is reminded that this would be a sign of weakness and would be cause for her to be challenged.  To keep this from the rest of the group she slices the throat of the patrolman.

Dwight, who is heading home, is also dealing with being scared.  He too is questioning his role as the leader with the threat that the Whisperers pose to his own community, the Saviors, and the rest of the other communities.  Dwight is quickly reminded his people need him and that he cannot quit.

Things are not looking much better in Alexandria.  Rick encounters serious opposition during a town hall when he outlines his plan for a reconnaissance of the Whisperers’ camp.  This quickly escalates to a full blown brawl in the hall.  Rick, in order to regain control, fires a warning shot into the air and threatens to put the next person who throws a punch “in the fucking ground.”

We are again reminded, in the speech that Rick delivers, what happens when we react out of fear. “Remember this night.  We are not ourselves.  We are scared, and we are lashing out against each other.  That can’t happen.” Next we get what personally I have been waiting for.  Rick goes down to Negan’s cell and utters the words “I need your help.”

Kirkman had to be keeping Negan alive for a reason.  This could be that reason.  Personally, I thought that the one person who could be beneficial in helping them deal with the Whisperers would be Negan.  Unfortunately, how could this happen?  Negan cannot be trusted and the only person who could possibly help deal with Negan is Carl.  It will be interesting to see how Kirkman is going to use Negan, but I can’t wait to find out.

The storyline is dealing with a response to an attack on the communities.  They strive to hold onto what civilization they have built, and further its growth, but continue to face threats that would see what they are trying to accomplish destroyed. This is a story of how they choose to deal with this threat.  There are many different viewpoints and a big emphasis placed in this issue was on how people react out of fear.

Glenn Bush