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Will We Meet the Saviors in “Always Accountable”?

Warning: comic book and show spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead. You have been warned!

Season 6, Episode 6, “Always Accountable,” is nearly upon us. The Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha-centric episode picks up with the trio still out in no man’s land, on their mission to lure the massive zombie horde away from Alexandria. It looks as if it will be another heart-pounding thriller, as recently released trailers show the group being chased by vehicles driven by armed bad guys. Sasha and Abraham end up escaping, but the clips also show Daryl walking his bike through the woods, looking spent, and in a lot of trouble.

Now rewind to the first trailer for Season Six, released during Comic Con. In that trailer, an unnamed man points a gun at a tied-up Daryl’s head.

I believe that scene is coming up in this episode. If so, The Spoiling Dead Fans have explained in their most recent episode spoilers, that the man is none other than Dwight, Negan’s right hand man from the infamous Saviors in the comics. It would make sense to meet the Saviors at this time, since the underlings arrive on the scene in the comic before their leader, Negan, and it was recently announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan when he arrives on set late in the season. We also know the villains chasing Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are not the Wolves, because they are armed with guns, which is not the Wolves’ style.


If, in fact, the Saviors have arrived, that is not a good sign for our team. First of all, while Dwight has Daryl in his sights with a gun, he is also skilled with a crossbow. That will make for an interesting parallel. Secondly, Dwight ends up killing Abraham in the comics. And perhaps most significantly, Alexandria is already wounded and bleeding, both literally and figuratively, from the events of recent days.

Folks are making a lot of the fact that the man I believe to be Dwight in the Comic Con trailer did not have the burns on his face that Negan gave him in the comic (for more on this, you will have to read the comic. We can’t spoil everything at once!). It is possible that the writers of the show have chosen to display Negan’s psychopathy in another way, as they like to deviate in some critical ways from the source material. If so, it is possible that Dwight doesn’t get burned at all in the show. Perhaps somebody else plays out that storyline. It is also possible that the events that led to Dwight’s scars may show up later in the show than they did in the comic, and we just have not made it to that part of the story yet. After all, that would be a particularly vivid way to display Negan’s brutality.

Our survivor’s are likely facing their most vicious threat yet, starting tonight, and that is saying a lot this season. Do you think the Saviors will be introduced this week? What do you think will happen to Daryl? Sound off in the comments section below!

Brandy Elliott