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Leaked Spoilers for TWD S6 Ep. 6 ‘Always Accountable’


Another week, another round of spoilers from The Spoiling Dead Fans. Check out these spoilers for Episode 6 of The Walking Dead entitled “Always Accountable”. These are the key plot points of the entire episode.

TSDF OFFICIAL: ‘Always Accountable’ episode breakdown! A huge THANKS to Gold-zap06.

Key Plot Points (in order)

– Sasha, Abe and Daryl are leading the herd away. They get ambushed by an unknown group. Daryl flees on his bike after getting knocked off. Abe and Sasha crash their car and continue to open fire on the people that ambushed them. Daryl drives off into a burnt down part of forest.

– Daryl hides bike and continues on foot after suspecting someone is watching him. He finds two women cowering behind a tree. “You found us ok. We earned what we took”. Daryl is knocked out by a guy from behind (Dwight)

– Daryl wakes up, wrists bound with rope. He tells Dwight “I ain’t who you think I am.” Walking along they explain how they burnt the forest down to clear the walkers when it all started.

– Pointing a gun at Daryl, Dwight asks if he’s making a mistake by not pulling the trigger.

– Female captor faints and Daryl uses this chance to get away with their duffel bag containing his crossbow. Once far enough he realizes he has taken their much needed insulin.

– Abe and Sasha have gotten away and after Abe goes to kill a walker Sasha explains how he doesn’t need to leave breadcrumbs. They find shelter in an office building.

– Daryl returns to the three captors and takes their gun, giving them back the bag. A van approaches with a group of men. Only their feet can be seen. “You’re going to return what you took!” Dwight says, “We are not going back Wayne!” Daryl leads them to safety away from the men. He gives Dwight his gun back. The men leave.

– Abe goes on a run and finds a walker hanging from a bridge with a rocket launcher on its back. He tries to retrieve it without killing the walker and being the macho killer Sasha thinks he already is. He leaves the walker after failing to gather it and finds some cigars. He has a smoke and watches the walker as it falls to the ground, leaving the launcher behind for him to take. Karma for the win!

– Daryl leads the two captors to his bike after befriending them (the insulin girl has already been bitten by a walker on the ground by this point). The remaining two double cross Daryl, take his crossbow and bike, and drive off.

– Daryl finds a van and manages to find Sasha and Abe. As they drive off a voice is heard over the radio. “Help!”

Next up with the official Q&A for the episode that The Spoiling Dead Fans release on a weekly basis.

TSDF OFFICIAL: ‘Always Accountable’ Q&A! We will also have another great post coming up later today so stick around! – Prime

Q-Who captures Daryl? What are their names and what do they want?
A-They appear to be “normal” people who left another group. What that other group is is unclear.
Dwight and Tina.

Q-How do they capture Daryl and how does he escape?
A-He gets injured in the chase, stops to fix himself and then gets whacked after encountering the people.
He escapes when one of the group who took him faints and he runs into the woods.

Q-Do Sasha, Abe, and Daryl make it back to the safezone?
A-No but they are heading that way

Q-What is Abe doing on the bridge? Is it a flashback?
A-Shopping. Not a flashback

Q-Who’s the group chasing Abe, Sasha, and Daryl? Why are they are chasing and shooting at them?
A-They mistook them for some other people they were looking for. It’s not made clear who these others are but they don’t appear to be wolves. Heavily armed, cars and radios.

Q-Do Sasha and Abe kill all the people that were chasing them?
A-Kills one group in the car that crashes with them. The other car drives off.

Q-Do we see Alexandria at all?

Q-What is the “Caryl” moment that Norman referred to in an interview?
(Norman said Daryl encounters a walker that will hark back to a moment he shared with Carol in previous seasons)
A-I don’t know what that moment was so not sure what scene it was referring to.

Q-Does the man that captures Daryl steal his crossbow?
A-He loses it after he gets whacked. He gets it back when he escapes. He returns to help them out again when they are attacked by another group.
He loses it again when they doublecross him.

Q-Do Sasha, Abe, and Daryl successfully drive the front half of the herd away?
A-They appear to be doing that at the end of the episode.

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