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Possible Dwight Set Photos

New photos have emerged which were posted by our good friends at The Spoiling Dead Fans, may have revealed the comic book character Dwight. If you’re unfamiliar with Dwight, he is a member of the Saviors, a group led by the infamous Negan, another upcoming character for the show that’s highly rumored to make an appearance this season. Take a look at the photos yourself and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment down below.

As mentioned, Dwight is another comic book character that is with the Saviors. Much like Daryl, his weapon of choice is a crossbow and he definitely holds a big role within the comic book series but if you’re a fan of the comic book series, you know there’s a good chance that the story arch may be rewritten or taken out completely. One distinguish feature that Dwight holds, along with other select members of the Saviors, is a giant burn mark across the side of their face. Take a look at these set photos of the actors in their normal clothing down below! Also included is photos of Dwight for reference.