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Leaked Spoilers for TWD S6 Ep. 5 ‘Now’

Ep 5 NowNew spoilers have released for the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead entitled Now. If you can’t wait until Sunday for the episode to play out then check below!

Q – Do Maggie and Aaron go search for Glenn? Do they make it to the area where Glenn was seen?
A – Yes they go searching but don’t make it.

Q – Do we know what Abe, Daryl, and Sasha are doing in this episode?
A – No

Q – Do Ron and Carl fight? If so, why are they fighting and do any of them get hurt?
A – Yes about looking for Enid. No injuries just some back pain.

Q – Does anyone encounter the tied up Wolf? If so, what happens?
A – No

Q – Do any other Wolves besides the tied up Wolf show up in this episode?
A – No

Q – Does Michonne talk to Betsy about David’s death?
A – No

Q – What is Rick doing while he’s wearing a face shield?
A – No shield in this episode

Q – Do we find out if Maggie is pregnant?
A – Yes she is

Q – How does Rick escape the herd?
A – Not shown

Q – Does anyone die? If so, who and how?
A – 2 Zombiefied Alexandrians killed by Jessie and Deanna

Q – Does the group have a plan for how to deal with the incoming herd?
A – They are waiting for Abe/Daryl to come back and lead the herd away

Q – Do we see Glenn at all?
A – No

Q – Is there any conflict caused by Morgan’s pacifist ways?
A – No

Q – Deanna looked pretty distraught in that promo, does she do, or attempt to do, something drastic?
A – No, just horrified at the zombie herd

Q – Is it made clear whether or not the captured Wolf was bitten or just wounded
A – No

Sewer Zombies, Baby!!!
Woman on Woman Kissing!!!

Note: the information is correct At the time of the posting. As always, anything can change by the time we see it live.