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Garret Dillahunt Discusses Negan Character


Comic book readers have been eagerly waiting for the appearance of Negan. Now we’ve seen countless rumors, speculations, and fan favorite picks for actors to portray the infamous character but the latest rumor have really started to spread throughout websites, forums, and word-of-mouth. We very well may see Garret Dillahunt take up Lucille and challenge Rick for dominance.

It was just this September that word of a casting call for an “Orin” actor that sounded a bit too much like Negan. The character was described to be in his 30s to 40s, brutal, frightening, inappropriate, and hilarious. While we all have our ideal actor to play the mean greaser, Garret Dillahunt definitely shares some close resemblances to the visualizations showcased by Charlie Adlard in the graphic novel.

Ever since the rumors started to pour out about the actor taking on the role of Negan, Garret shared his responses on Twitter.

“It’s true, I am a @WalkingDead_AMC fan. I want #Negan. They are looking at some great actors and will make the best choice for the show.”

“So surprised and grateful for all the support my public lobbying has received. Thank you. If not #Negan then something else someday! #WD”

Right now it just seems that Garret Dillahunt is simply in the running to be the character though it’s likely he’s cast as rumors also suggest that The Walking Dead will be filming the season 6 finale on November 9th so we’re sure there will be locals searching out for the character around set. We’ll keep you updated on the very latest!