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Will We See Enid Again, and If So, Whose Side Will She Be On?


When we were first being introduced to the folks of Alexandria, including the super odd Enid, the crew of the The Walking Dead left an interesting little nugget in Season 5, Episode 12, “Remember,” in the form of Enid’s comic book with the words, “Wolf Fight!” on the back. I noticed the parallel between the comic book and the words left behind in Noah’s neighborhood declaring, “Wolves not far.” I had a quick little chuckle at the irony and moved on.

I never even considered the theory I am about to express here.

Is it just me, or was it just a bit odd that Enid kept sneaking out of the Safe Zone, and despite corpses everywhere with “W’s” carved into their foreheads, a young teen never seemed to be in danger?

She displayed that same cool and calm in last week’s episode, “JSS” (which we now know is Enid’s mantra – “just survive somehow”) despite the fact that Alexandria was under a full-scale, bloody, vicious attack by the Wolves. It certainly wasn’t because she simply has nerves of steel at her core. We got her back story, watched her heartbreak as walkers ate her parents right in front of her, and saw her struggle as though in a complete haze after that.

What we don’t know is what happened between eating a raw turtle and arriving at Alexandria. When she finally did arrive, she hesitated to go inside. It seems to me that a teenager completely on their own in a world filled with zombies would want to seek refuge in a community surrounded by steel walls and live among people. But she hesitates.

Perhaps it is because she has seen humans at their worst, and not just walkers. Perhaps she did not just stumble upon Alexandria, but was sent there to actually work for the worst of humanity. After all, she traces the JSS into her hand just before walking in the gates. That makes more sense if she is doing something horrible rather than if she is returning to some semblance of normalcy.


Enid is a spy for the Wolves.

In addition to being ultra calm while the wolves attacked Alexandria, Enid chose to announce she was leaving the community while the attack was going on. She wasn’t running away in horror, but rather, calmly expressing it was time to move on. Talk about a weird sense of timing. And when she did show up to tell Carl goodbye, she handed him the keys to all of the doors in Alexandria. There would be no reason for her to be walking among the attacks, wanting to leave in the midst of them, having all of the keys to the community (while the Wolves are running in and out of buildings killing everyone in sight). I think it is most likely she is not afraid of the Wolves because she is a Wolf. She has the keys because she opened the doors paving their way for the attack. She is choosing to leave because they are leaving; the attack is finished. She has done what she came to do.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of Enid’s betrayal, when taken in concert with all of the above, is the fact that when she was discussing the Wolves with Carl, she says, “They are just people.” She goes on to say that Alexandria is “too big,” and, “That’s how we were able to…” WHAT!?

I think Enid’s mantra – JSS – for “just survive somehow,” means a whole lot more than choking down rare turtle. I think she had to join up with the Wolves to survive. I think she was their spy who provided intel on the goings on of Alexandria. I think she was sneaking out of Alexandria to provide intel to the Wolves. I think she let the Wolves know when almost all of the capable fighters in the Safe Zone were out lining up a zombie parade. And I think we will see her again. What do you think?

Brandy Elliott