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Did Glenn Really Die on The Walking Dead?


After a week of speculating what would happen in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Thank You, fans were finally able to see the episode for themselves and make their judgements regarding Glenn’s fate. If you remember correctly, earlier this week spoilers were leaked that suggested Glenn would meet his demise in Episode 3. Without actually seeing the episode, fans automatically assumed a dream sequence or some sort of a hallucination would debunk the death. But after watching tonight’s episode, fans were left with more questions than answers; the biggest question being – is Glenn alive or dead?

At this point and time, there is more evidence to suggest that Glenn is alive than dead. Let’s breakdown what we know:

Steven Yeun/Glenn Was Barely Mentioned on Talking Dead

When a main character dies on the show, the entire The Walking Dead after show The Talking Dead is pretty much dedicated to that actor. Not only was Yeun not present, but he wasn’t even featured in the Memorium segment that “remembers those we’ve lost” in tonight’s episode. While Hardwick did read a note from show runner Scott Gimple regarding “completing Glenn’s story” either through flashbacks or other means, this isn’t enough evidence for us to suggest the character is actually dead for good.

The Death Itself

If you rewatch the scene, Nicholas shoots himself and ends up falling off the dumpster. But if you watch the scene closely, you’ll notice how Glenn falls first with Nicholas falling shortly after. This would suggest that Nicholas’ body fell on top of Glenn, which would shield him from the walkers. Based on other death scenes we’ve had in the past, there is usually no confusion as to whether a character is actually dead or not. But based on the way Glenn’s death scene was shot, you never actually see his body ripped open. While you do see walkers eating what appear to be Glenn’s innards, it could also be Nicholas’ – assuming he did, in fact, fall on top of Glenn.

Filming Schedules

The most compelling evidence that Glenn is still alive is that Steven Yeun has been seen on set – as recent as last week – filming in Atlanta. While The Talking Dead attempted to cover this up by suggesting we will see Glenn again in “flashbacks”, there are photos of Yeun in scenes with characters that we haven’t even been introduced to on the show. In the pictures below, Yeun in seen with Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and soon-to-be introduced Jesus (recently announced to be played by Tom Payne).



So would we really get Glenn flashbacks that introduce or involve a new character that hasn’t even been introduced on the show yet? We highly doubt it.

It seems pretty clear that the writers and producers are trying to pull off the greatest death hoax in The Walking Dead history. That would also explain why next week’s 90-minute episode is going to be focused strictly on Morgan – to give the fans a little bit more time to marinate on this Glenn death. After all, when he returns, they want to make it worth the wait.

What do you guys think? Is Glenn dead or alive? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.