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The Walking Dead Comics: #147 Review – Out in the Open

TWD147-CoverThis post contains spoilers for the latest issue of The Walking Dead comic book series.

By: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn
Released: Oct 14, 2015
Publisher: Image – Skybound

We are picking up where we left off in Issue 146.  Eugene, Rick and Andrea are discussing what to do with Lydia.  Eugene wants to use Lydia to get retribution against her mother, Alpha, and the Whisperers.  Eugene wants to do whatever it takes and Rick is attempting to remind him Lydia is still a child.  This doesn’t go over well and Andrea asks Eugene to leave.  It is later that we find out Eugene is building more support within the community of Alexandria and things are going to get ugly.

Andrea and Rick decide that it is best if Andrea escorts Lydia and Carl from the community.  Andrea, after expressing her disapproval of Lydia to Rick, leaves in the middle of the night, with Carl and Lydia headed for the Hilltop community.

Next we see Michonne sneaking into Rick’s house while Rick is asleep, her katana drawn.  Rick awakens to get a drop on Michonne, and while he has a gun pointed to the back of her head, Michonne asks where Lydia is.  It turns out, however, Michonne is looking to move Lydia to a safer location.   This is where things get interesting.

We get a conversation between Michonne and Rick that is a long time coming.  Rick has been attempting to bring Michonne back into the fold for some time now.  After “All Out War” Michonne distanced herself from Ezekiel and everyone else within the communities.  We find out that Michonne is consumed with guilt and the moment she starts to feel happiness she must punish herself. Struggling with this burden, just recently she was able to make an attempt to get back together with Ezekiel only to have him murdered by Alpha before she could do so.

Rick gets pretty heavy in regards to his own relationship with Lori; particularly how he created the divide with Lori by withholding things from her.  He didn’t blame her and Shane for being together but that it still hurt him.  That he is happier with Andrea than he ever was with Lori and it took the death of his wife and daughter for him to be as happy as he is today.  In Rick’s own words, “It’s fucked up and I’m ashamed…but there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about it.”

Rick is able to confront Michonne in order to show her that he somewhat felt the way she does.  That she must deal with her emotions but she does not, and cannot, do it alone.  Rick then tells her she is “even”, that loosing Ezekiel covers the guilt for her girls and when she makes it through this she should find something that makes her happy and “ …hold on to it and don’t let go.” Michonne then tells him “You’re fucked up, Rick…but I love you.”  This is a great conversation and we get insight into the characters that both Rick and Michonne have grown to become.  We also see the importance of their relationship with each other.

We then turn back to Andrea, Carl, and Lydia.  They run into a scout named Gus on the road and tell him, with the exception of Rick, to not tell anyone he saw them.  After this, Lydia begins to question Andrea’s motives. Lydia can’t understand why she was promised protection and now those same people that were to keep her safe could possibly want to hurt her.  Somehow she thinks Andrea is trying to take her back to Alpha.  This causes her to freak out, pull a gun on Andrea, and demand that Andrea tell her the truth – which ends the story with a cliffhanger.

For some of us who are questioning Lydia’s true intentions, this may show us that Lydia’s feelings for Carl are true, but her time with the Whisperers has left her emotionally and mentally unstable.

We will have to wait for Issue 148 on Nov 11th for answers. In the meantime, what did you think of the latest issue? Sound off in the comments section below!

Glenn Bush